Professional cider tastings by pommelier Kaire Jakobson.

During the tasting one will learn about:
1. the cider making methods;
2. the development of craft ciders in the Baltic Region, in Scandinavia, and in the world;
3. the difference between a cider made of special cider apples vs a cider made of culinary or dessert apples.
Additionally, the foreigners are given an insight into Estonia through a totally different perspective.
Ask for books to read, web pages to visit, people to contact, if you are a cider geek to be.

The serving of each cider included in tastings, will be 8 cl of each. The total amount of liquid per tasting can be around 0,5 litres of low alcoholic bewerage.
The serving of ice cider, and apple brandy, is 4 cl. The reason is that ice cider is very intense as to the flavour profile and viscosity; and apple brandy is a strong distillate between 38%-43%.

Tasting No.1:
3 ciders from the Baltic Countries; 3 ciders from the traditional cider making countries like Spain, France, UK (1 from each) + 1 perry.
This is a great tasting to get a general idea of what cider compare cider made from culinary apples (the Baltics), against the ciders made from special cider apple varieties.
20 eur + 20% VAT/ participant

Tasting No.2:
from apple to apple brandy (all Estonian products).
We will cover local apple juice, apple lemonade, low alcohol cider, cider, sparkling apple wine, apple wine, ice cider, apple brandy. As said, all products are of Estonian origin.
30 eur + 20% VAT/ participant
Minimum fee is 180 + 20% VAT (in case of less than 6 persons).

Tasting No.3:
6 ciders from Estonia + 1 Estonian perry
25 eur + 20% VAT/ participant
Minimum fee is 100 eur + 20% VAT  (in case of less than 5 persons).

The cider can be accompanied by the selection of snacks. The amount of snacks per participant is sufficient for 
The snacks are selected to enhance the cider & food pairing. Among them: ciabatta, olives, cherry tomatoes, rucola or similar, cheese selection, ham or salami selection, something sweet.
Snacks for 4-10 people: 60 eur + VAT

Snacks for 10-20 people: 70 eur + VAT

Special snack selection of solely Estonian products.

NB! Siidrimaja fits 1-10 people.

If you wish to book a tasting 
for a larger group, a charge of 40 euros +VAT, is added for renting extra space.
The collaborating partners for renting extra space are:
Photographer Alexander Guzhov (has an option to add a professional photo shoot to the tasting).
Triinude Toiduministeerium (is a great partner with whom we have run cider & food pairing events).

The duration of the tasting is about 1.5-2 hours.
The duration of the tasting with a photo shoot is about 2.5-3 hours.
The duration of the tasting with a special menu is about 2.5-3 hours.

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