The cider tasting is carried out by Kaire Jakobson, who is currently studying to become a pommeljee aka a cider-sommeljee. In the basic testing, the participants will get to try 6 different ciders and one perry; so 7 goods in total. During this experience you’ll also learn about the different methods of cider making and the development of craft ciders. For extra charge, snacks will be provided that have been selected to compliment the ciders.

Tasting for getting an overall view and understanding of ciders (6 ciders, 1 perry, no snacks)
4-20 people: 15 eur/ participant + tax.
> 20 people: price will be decided by consensus.

Snacks for 4-10 people: 40 eur + tax

Snacks for 10-20 people: 60 eur + tax

NB! Siidrimaja fits 1-12 people.

If you wish to book a tasting 
for a larger group, a charge of 40 euros (+ tax) is added for renting extra space.
The collaborating partners for renting extra space are:
Fotostuudio Fluxstuudio (has an option to add a professional photoshoot to the tasting).
Aiki's stuudiokohvik (has an option to add a special menu with warm meals to the tasting).
Triinude Toiduministeerium (has an option to add a special menu with warm meals to the tasting).

The duration of the tasting is about 1.5-2 hours.
The duration of the tasting with a photoshoot is about 2.5-3 hours.
The duration of the tasting with a special menu is about 2.5-3 hours. Aiki’s stuudiokohvik can be booked for a longer amount of time.

Cider tasting for professionals

17 eur/ participant, no matter the amount of people involved.
In addition statistics, understanding of apple varieties, and an overview of the technologies used can be booked.

This tasting can last 3-4 hours. There is a small break in the middle for either catching your breath or grabbing something to eat. Food can be ordered from our collaborating partners according to need.  

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