Maeloc natural

Producer: Corporación Hijos de Rivera S.L.
Product: Certified organic cider.
Stats:  70 cl; 5,5%.

Method: Naturally fermented; still. Contains sulphites. No added sugar.
Apple Variety: Maeloc is deeply committed to the Galician countryside where its ciders
are brewed with 100% Galician apples from more than 1000 local farmers. Galician cider apple varieties used for this cider: Raxó, Pr&iactue;ncipe, Peró, Rabies and Verdeñ´.
Dryness Scale: Dry. The yeast has fermented all the sugars naturally present in the apple itself.
Flavour: Slightly vinegary, volatile acids are predominant. The end note is that you can taste the pungent peel of the cider apple. This cider needs to be aerated to decrease the amount of volatile acids and to give the cider a bit of bubbles - the amount poured is just enough for one sip. A tip for the cider connoisseurs: one could stir up the yeast residue from the bottom of the bottle to balance the acidity with the creaminess of the dead yeast cells.
Aroma:  very light aroma.
Recommendations: Would not recommend it as a pique-nique refreshment, no way. Goes well with heavy meat dishes and dark chocolate. In the North of Spain this classic drink goes well with seafood or straightforward pure meat. No salad-ballads. Pairing it with anything from Estonian cuisine classics, it would go well with sauerkraut, blood sausage, and potatoes.
Lisa ostukorvi€7
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