Pacory Poiré Domfront L’Idéal AOP

Producer: Pacory-Ferme des Grimaux.
Product: Perry.
Stats:  75cl; 4,5%.

Method: Naturally carbonated. The crushed pears are left with skin contact for a fortnight. The first fermentation takes about 2.5 months and then it is left to mature for a year. Then they recap it and leave it for another 2.5 months before it is finally ready to be sold. Contains sulphites. AOP aka Appellation d'Origine Protégée points to it’s historical origin and to the fact that it is made from traditional ingredients.
Pear Variety: Plant de Blanc (80%)
Dryness Scale: Drier than the AOP Domfront.
Flavour: the honey-like sweetness is very faint. Acids are under control and the hints of bark in the aftertaste are very light. The honey-like flavour turns into vanilla as the taste progresses. A beautifully combined flavour palette. Made of these 200-year-old perry pear tree fruits which are almost extinct in the world.
Aroma: modest aroma that has hints of herbs and vanilla.
Recommendations: Very enjoyable even for the inexperienced cider-lovers. Serves well on its own as a welcoming drink. Has a very royal effect either tastewise or background-wise.  

Dear Kaire,

Sorry for the delay in the answer.
Le Poiré Domfront called "L'Idéal" is made well with pears of old pear trees. We use in this case the first less mature pears to obtain a pear cider more dry.
Do not hesitate if you have other questions.

Kind regards,
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