Pacory Poiré Domfront AOP

Producer: Pacory-Ferme des Grimaux.
Product: Perry.
Stats: 75cl; 4%.

Method: Naturally carbonated. Contains sulphites. AOP aka Appellation d'Origine Protégée points to it’s historical origin and the fact that it’s made from indigenous perry pears from that region and following the perry traditions inherent in this area.
Pear Variety: Plant de Blanc (80%).
Dryness Scale: Dry. 
Flavour: This Perry’s sweetness is finely calibrated, which is almost honey-like yet has some hidden acidity. There’s also a slight tannin taste. The honey-like flavour turns into vanilla as the taste progresses. Very much confirms the saying that perry is the Rolls Royce of the cider world. Well, cider is cider and perry is perry, but still ...
Aroma: Herbs are very predominant with a combination of honey and dried fruits.
Recommendations: Very enjoyable for beginner level cider-lovers.
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