Pacory Le Poiré, Vif et Petillant

Producer: Pacory Ferme des Grimaux.
Product: Perry.
Stats: 75 cl; 4%.

Method: Naturally carbonized. A lot of yeast residue on the bottom of the bottle that should not be poured out or mixed in if you do not like residue in your glass. Contains sulphites.
Pear Variety: Blanc de Mantilly.
Dryness Scale: Dry.
Flavour: Slightly sour but the sweetness in it comes from sorbitol. The flavors that stand out are fresh, light, and floral. The sour and sweet flavors are quite well balanced. Strongly reminds of elderflower flavour and aroma.
Aroma: Fresh, light, sweet. If it’s been poured out in a glass for a while it gets an old musty scent which is very common for perry.
Recommendations: Very enjoyable on its own. Goes well with cake or fish because it’s slightly carbonated and has a light flavour palette.
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