Smiltenes Sidrs Bruts 2017

Producer: Smiltenes sidra darītava.
Product Type: Cider.
Stats:  75 CL; 6,7%. 
Method: Méthode Traditionnelle.
Apple Variety: Latvian dessert apples, including ‘’Paide Taliõun’’.
Dryness Scale: Brut,  added sugar is 2g/l – no exact information from the producer; estimated by taste.
Flavour: Light and appley; a very pleasant fresh apple taste. To the cider connoisseur this taste is a bit too acidic and the bitter notes are almost not distinguishable. The finishing notes are sour apple, a hint of tannins, and the kind of freshness that will make you grind your teeth (in a good way). The overall impression is fresh and crisp.
Aroma: Lovely fresh apple; may seem a little young.
Recommendations: Best on its own, or with white fish due to the acidity.

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