Stefan Vetter 2015

Producer: Stefan Vetter.
Product: Cider.
Stats: 75 cl; 7,5 %.
Method: Méthode Rurale (aka Méthode Ancestrale; aka Pétillant Naturel). Unfiltered. Contains sulphites.
Apple Variety: Goldrenette; Blenheim; Winterrampur; Goldparmäne; Bohnapfel. 
Dryness Scale: Dry (trocke
n). RS is 0 g/l.
Flavour: Very mature and fine with hints of apple peel. Not that sour, more of a tannin flavour. Also slightly bitter at the back end of the palate. Definitely has a character of its own. In comparison to the Baltic ciders made from dessert apples, this one has got tannins. Yet, it has retained something vernacular for a cider while being dry and almost winelike. A most sophisticated bewerage, indeed.
Aroma: Bitter and a little acidic with the addition of a fraction of sweet apple. Stefan (the cider maker) said that the apple juice also has that kind of caramel scent and it’s interesting that the same flavour profile has survived after the fermentation.
Recommendations: Since this cider is very wine-like, it pairs perfectly with food, for example pan-fried potatoes and meat, but also with fruit cake or tosca-cake.

The price shown includes a deposit fee (0,10 euros) and tax (20%).