Dunkertons PremIUM OrgANIC Cider (33 cl)

Producer: Dunkertons Cider Company Ltd.
Product: Certified organic cider.
Stats:  33 cl; 7%. 
Method: Naturally fermented: pasteurized, carbonized, filtered. Contains sulphites.
Apple Variety: Brown Snout, Sheeps Nose, Foxwhelp, Kingston Black, Balls Bitter Sweet, Knotted Kernel.
Dryness Scale: Semi-sweet. Contains 56 g/l of added sugar.
Flavour: A beautiful balance of mouth-drying bitterness, and sweet. The sour taste is still vivid thanks to the added malic acid. One really gets to taste the tannins in the aftertaste.
Aroma: slightly sweet with a touch of ethanol.
Recommendations: An easy-going cider on its own. The tannin combination with a higher alcohol content and added sugar make this cider perfect for the colder months. Pairs well with pork and potatoes, and stir-fried vegetables. The best cider for gloomy autumn nights when one is contemplating the fallen leaves and upcoming winter.

Comments from Dunkertons cider maker Bill Ruxton can be found here HERE.
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