Dunkertons Breakwells Seedling Cider

Producer: Dunkertons Cider Company Ltd.
Product: Certified organic cider.
Stats:  50 cl; 7,5%.

Method: Naturally fermented, then pasteurized, carbonized, filtered. Contains sulphites.
Apple Variety: Breakwells Seedling. Single variety cider. On their website there’s a story about this particular apple variety:
A single varietal cider made from Breakwells Seedling which produces a fruity, sparkling medium-dry cider. The apple was first discovered a century ago at Perthyre Farm, Monmouth. Because of its delicious flavour, farmer George Breakwell propagated the seedling and it was later planted in many Herefordshire orchards, including our own. The Breakwells Seedling produces a very handsome, striped, red coloured cider apple that when ripening, fills the air with a wonderful, intense perfume. Usually ready for harvesting in early September.
Dryness Scale: Semi-dry. Added sugar is 38 g/l.
Flavour: Very high in tannins. Suitable for the cider lovers, who appreciate depth and character. The sugar and tannin balance is perfect at the front of the mouth before the sugar gets overpowered by tannins. A beautiful single variety cider that is a great specimen of British cider scenery.
Aroma: Slightly barnyardy with hints of vinegar.
Recommendations: On its own all year round. The type of ciders where the tannins and higher alcohol content make it work in the colder months. The high amount of tannic substances make the cider go well with desserts, such as dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream. Yet, I would enjoy it on its own. I mean, literally, I do not want to share it:))
Comments from Dunkertons cider maker Bill Ruxton can be found here HERE.   
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